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This here Song

08.03.2019 - 20.04.2019

rauminhalt design, Wien / Österreich

English writer, painter and art critic John Berger died in 2017. Seeing was his life’s motive and the “observing eye” the starting point of his intellectual engagement. Like no one else, Berger wrote texts that expressed exceptionally diverse considerations on “The Art of Seeing”. In his thoughts on film, photography, painting, as well as in his poems, novels, artists’ portraits and political essays, not to mention his groundbreaking BBC series “Ways of Seeing”, it all comes down to one thing: the boundless openness of perception.... His purpose was not so much about grasping a meaning, much rather about entering into an extraordinary dialogue with fellow artists, writers and philosophers in order to think, correspond, publish together. In so doing, he opened our eyes and senses to “another way of seeing”. Pursuing the poetic approach of Berger, the exhibition "This here Song" draws parallels between three photographers of different genera1ons and backgrounds: Dutch photographer, film and book-maker Ed(uard) van der Elsken, German-American photographer Esther Friedman and Austrian photographer, author and critic Markus Mittringer. A fictional encounter of three people, a remix displaying a compelling lightness, associative, playful and non-hierarchical.


"This here Song" is dedicated to all the anecdote and memoirs of the photographer and the photographed, between the picture and its viewers and all the people who are willing to open their eyes.



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