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Markus Hofer. A Private Reality

18.05.2019 - 20.07.2019

MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Wien, Wien / Österreich

Place, time and the choice of material are central topics of the Austrian sculptor Markus Hofer (*1977, Haslach).

With a sharp sense of humour, that is typical for the artist’s work, his objects appear irritating, challenging the beholder’s perception. With "A Private Reality" the artist shifts regularities and demonstrates the absurdity of everyday objects, questioning our ideas of logic.

After many international exhibitions and projects, such as 2016 "Sculpture by the Sea" in Sydney Australia, in 2017 "Thinking About Things" at the Maison Hermes in Shanghai China, "A....E.I.O.U.” L`arte austriaca at the Collezione Würth in Capena Italy or recently "The Elements of Time" at the 250th anniversary of the Royal Academy in London, the artist presents new works at MARIO MAURONER CONTEMPORARY ART.

It seems we live in a time where society is reacting to the political and social circumstances by rather withdrawing to a Biedermeier lifestyle, than facing the present outside. Markus Hofer creates with “A Private Reality” contemporary living situations, where the beholder encounters grotesque furniture and commodities transformed to surreal objects.

A stool installed vertical on the wall, is showing a clock display and asks the beholder to reflect on time. A absurd self-contained pipe system, a electronic mirror and other objects attest the artist’s playful approach on sense and nonsense, encouraging the beholder to sharpen the view on our contemporary surrounding.

Hofer’s series „Liquid Drawings“ show objects made of hardened liquid colour and thus are a hybrid between the two- and the three dimensional: Here the colour becomes the object and the object appears as a sculptural drawing. Playing with the amalgamation of different approaches and media, the artist is pushing sculptural boundaries.


“A Private Reality” addresses our daily surrounding and its uncountable belongings, that we seem to rely on, and at the same time occupy our personal and mental space. The exhibition encourages the beholder to expand perception, uncovering things and objects in a and humoristic way, rather than only deconstructing them.



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