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Ocean Range

Einladung: Ocean Range. 2007

30.09.2007 - 11.11.2007

Devening Projects + Editions, Chicago / United States

devening projects + editions is pleased to present Ocean Ranch, an exhibition of recent projects from four young artists living and working in Vienna. Luisa Kasalicky, Birgit Knoechl, Christoph Holzeis and Rainer Spangl work independently as visual artists engaging in divergent conceptual concerns and collectively as a curatorial team focusing on contemporary emergent art. For the past two years, they have operated Swingr, an off-space that presents recent work by young international artists. As practictioners, they have strong roots in painting; these picture-making concerns ultimately shift and slip away within their installations to reference filmic sructures, biological modeling, psychodramatic observations and poetic musings on landscape and nature.... The exhibition is a series of site-specific installations utilizing video, paper sculpture, wall drawing and painting. Please come help these artists celebrate their first exhibition in the U.S.
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