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03.06.2010 - 27.06.2010

Oblong Gallery, London / United Kingdom

Miniscule could be regarded as a bijou sociological experiment. It is a fine arts exhibition in the sumptuously grandiose Oblong gallery where up to 200 Object d’art can be shown simultaneously. Artists across London, Britain and the World have been invited to submit
a diminutive object of any genre or media with but one simple proviso: Max size is of the common matchbox, 2” by 1.5”.

>>>>> Die Liste der Beteiligten dieser Gruppenausstellung ist unvollständig - zum Zeitpunkt der Aufnahme lagen keine genaueren Informationen vor.... Hinweise bezüglich weiterer Beteiligter nehmen wir gerne entgegen.
>>>>> The list of participants of this group exhibition is not complete - at the time of the entry more detailed information was not available. Please contact us if you have information about further participants. [basis wien,28.09.2010]


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