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<Dienstag Abend>. Wolfgang Obermair & Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair

Einladung: <Dienstag Abend>. Wolfgang Obermair & Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair. 2010

16.11.2010 - 16.11.2010

Ve.Sch, Verein für Raum und Form in der bildenden Kunst, Wien / Österreich

Do., 18. 11 .2010, ca 20h30
Astrid Peterle
Körper der Vergangenheit mit einem Blick aufs Hier und Jetzt>
Lecture Performance

BEETHOVEN:·KK4+5·GIL. and others
"Lost Tapes depicts fictional, traumatic scenarios in which music
attacks people. The series is shot in a documentary style, it is a
fictional work. The series never states that its footage is real,
only that it has been "inspired by the possibility that hidden music exists".

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