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BeAuTies Of The NighT. GOiNg BaLd TWiCe

Einladung: BeAuTies Of The NighT. GOiNg BaLd TWiCe. 2011

11.11.2011 - 11.11.2011

L'Ocean Licker, Wien / Österreich

« PhoTos ArE aLlreaDy ToO BAnAL !thE DiFfereNt CoMBInatIonS Of AnGlEs
, Of ChIaROscURo, sUpErImpOsItIon, SoFT FoCus….It AlL GoEs tO ShOw wE
MUsT Go FuRThEr, BeYoNd PhOtOGraphy!We ShouLd LeAVe L'oCeAN LiCkeR
WiTH A HeaDaChe!WE’d RAtHeR GiVe YoU HeAdacHes tHaN
noTHinG at alL! WE WAnt To sEpArAtE The Ear fRoM Its CIneMatic MaStEr:
THe EyE! THe eXhIbiTiIoN wiLl bE LiKE a hELl
CoMpOsEd oF CiRclEs.WE mUsT cOnSiDeR tHe StImULAtioN Of tHe cROwd
BeInG ToUchEd, bUT it’S hArD To pRediCT thE nuMbEr AnD apPeaRanCe oF
The fAcEs tHaT wiLl bE in ThE auDieNcE....ExCeS$ iS NeVeR RiDicuLoUs.ThAt
iS We coNtEnTed ouRSelvES in TELlinG tHe audIenCe tHat aN uNusuAl
aTmosPheRe iS alWaYs a lIveLy ONe anD tHUs It wAs aDviSabLE To LoOk
WeLl uPoN IsoU’S StRanGe sCrEeNing.WE wiLl bE wiTnEss OnLy To VaGUe
ImaGes AnD eNdlESs exPlaNatIoNs, BoGgeD dOWn iN baNalIty aNd
PrEsenTinG nOthINg bUt The AbUsiVe VaNITy Of tHe beaUtiEs of thE NiGht
aND ArT ItSeLf!WhAt ARe THoSe MaRvELlOuS cReAtUrEs CalLeD aGaIn?
BeAuTies Of The NighT!

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