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Lotte Lyon. Souterrain

20.01.2012 - 25.02.2012

Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Wien / Österreich

“Souterrain” will consist of new objects built in response to the gallery space, a wall painting, and recent photographs from 5 different series.

Lotte Lyon’s sculptures employ a pragmatism in the materials used, in the methods of assembly, and in the delivery of associative ideas. The two sculptures made for “Souterrain” respond to un-heroic architectural elements of the gallery space: the stairway leading from Beethovenplatz is matched with a stepped object propped against a large empty wall, and a small utility cabinet seems to have yielded a stack of boxes that could be drawers pulled out of an impossible space hidden by that cabinet.... A wall painting transports the visitor from one space to the next, and a room filled with photographs makes it clear that Lotte Lyon’s staging is meant to give an impression of theatricality and performance, as much as they are referencing various Minimalist traditions.



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