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Nika Kupyrova. Mud Cake

27.09.2012 - 06.10.2012

Lust Gallery, Wien / Österreich

Alongside higher deities, early Slavic mythologies offer a whole assortment of fairly common supernatural beings, who seem to spring up from their surrounding itself, be it a building, piece of furniture or a household object. Those are motivated neither by moral virtue nor by particular malice: their actions are simply a result of their peculiar moods. They are very territorial and are only willing to accept people as guests and only as long as the visitors submit to their intricate rules. However, they can often be bribed with their favourite treat....

As most of the stories were passed on orally, their appearance mostly depends on the particular storyteller. Invisible as a default, those entities only take up physical shape when looked at by a human, moulding themselves to the expectations or fears of the viewer.


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