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Through Maidan and Beyond

18.11.2014 - 29.11.2014

ArchitekturZentrum Wien, Az W, Wien / Österreich

Die Ausstellung „Through Maidan and Beyond“ zeigt Werke, die auf die aktuellen Ereignisse in der Ukraine reagieren, die Umstände vor dem politischen Wandel analysieren und eine neue Gesellschaftsform skizzieren. Damit will das Projekt die Kunstszene Kiews einem europäischen Publikum vorstellen.


Through Maidan and Beyond exhibition presents works by artists from Ukraine, who respond to the events unfolding in the country, study circumstances preceding the change, and envision the new society.... The story can be perceived through its three imaginary intermingling chapters: Premonition, Reaction, and Reflection.

Artists who participate in the project represent different generations and regions, world-views and communities. The exhibition aims to showcase the diversity of subjectivities as well as joint participation of artists in shaping of Kyiv art scene. The conversation about the definition of new values in the context of social and political transformations shows the process of active cultural evolution. Communication and genetic bonds within the art community, formed in two post-Soviet decades, now define its status in relation to the international scene. And now we can see a continual rethinking of this experience that stops being “post-Soviet” and creates a multitude of new self-definitions – equal and borderless.

The project is initiated by Kyiv Vision Foundation and curated by _PCA. Kyiv Platform for Contemporary Art, under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs of Austria and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.



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