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Choreographic Figures: Radical Scores of Attention

13.07.2015 - 14.08.2015

Angewandte Innovation Lab, AIL, Wien / Österreich

In the frame of the interdisciplinary artistic PEEK-research project Choreo-graphic Figures: Deviations from the Line by artist-performer Nikolaus Gansterer, choreographer-dancer Mariella Greil and artist-writer Emma Cocker the Method Lab II will take place in collaboration with AIL and ImPulsTanz Festival. In dialogue with a team of international critical interlocutors including Alex Arteaga, Lilia Mestre, Christine de Smedt, Werner Moebius, Jörg Piringer and other guests.

Method Lab II focuses on the sharing of practice and working methods of an/notations of notion, the vibrant materiality of language and re-verberating voices – inquiring Radical Scores of Attention....

In cooperation with ImPulsTanz Festival Vienna two public openings of the
Method Lab at AILab (Franz-Josefs-Kai 3, 1010 Vienna) are scheduled:

25 July 2015, 15:00 - 19:00 and 10 August 2015, 15:00 - 19:00



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