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Eva Sommeregger & Florian Schefschetzy. southbound: facing north

31.05.2013 - 31.05.2013

New Jörg, Wien / Österreich (venue)


eingeladen von Axel Koschier und Bernhard Rasinger als Teil des unabhängigen Ausstellungsprogramms Pappenheimgasse 37

360° video, 75 min The Harry-Pregerson-Interchange has been filmed with a kogeto 360°camera: All directions, 12 in total, have been covered in a continuous shot. The footage has been altered in post-production, so that the video is always 'facing north', no matter which direction the car is driving. Southbound FACING NORTH alludes to a filmic mapping of space.... The piece of work combines the spatial setup of a subjective camera view with the general fact of a terrain facing north in plan and map-making. Since the everyday life has been conquered by new media and their mapping devices & methods there has arisen new interest in the seemingly banal question of 'where am I?



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