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Sofia Goscinski. Angsthase

Einladung: Sofia Goscinski. Angsthase. 2015

13.11.2015 - 23.12.2015

unttld contemporary, Wien / Österreich

"Without anxiety, there would be no creativity. And I might even say that there would be no people," said Romain Gary. As a key to existence, and to creativity, anxiety simultaneously and paradoxically puts a brake on them. The blank page that's not written on, the sculpture that doesn't acquire a shape, the thought that's fragmented, the communication that's not verbalised: these situations are generated by anxiety – and in particular that of failure.

Sofia Goscinski's work is marked by the triad of anxiety, creativity and existence, and by their characteristic interlocking.... Existence is anxiogenic. Anxiety is existential and creative. Creativity is existential, between catharsis and necessary individuation. Her pieces evoke animist myths, and denote a signposted history of the arts. She integrates its symbols into her own aesthetics. Constructed images float towards a resolution which, though seemingly imminent, never occurs. Sofia Goscinski disconcerts the viewer both aesthetically, by undermining any possible trendiness, and also conceptually, by concealing the interpretive trails. The tension emitted by the works is powerful.”
(Anne Faucheret)

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