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Manifesta 2. European Biennial of Contemporary Art

Manifesta 2. Plan. 1998

28.06.1998 - 11.10.1998

Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain, Luxembourg / Luxembourg
Foundation European Art Manifestation, Rotterdam / Nederland
International Foundation Manifesta, Amsterdam / Nederland

Host City: Luxembourg
[...] Though very much sought after in the years following the raising of the iron curtain, Eastern European artists - once subject to an almost "fashionable" interest - have been gradually disappearing from the international art scene. This reality has been the starting point of Manifesta. According to its founders, Manifesta should become the experimental ground for a new wave of major international exhibitions by taking into account the new European cultural space as it is emerging at the end of the 1990s.... [...] (from the statement of the curators, 1997)


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