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The Artheists

The independent art collective “The Artheists” is founded in 2012. With this collective, the participants want to put up a stand against what they call “the destructive machinery of the art market”. Within the Artheists group, the name, background and education of an artist have lost their meaning completely. The artists are absolutely free to use, or their real names or invent synonyms, false nationalities and new backgrounds. This implicates that the artist becomes sort of imaginary, which puts the focus mainly on the artwork again.... Art has a significant function in society, not because of its value on the art market or the popularity of the artist, but because of the aesthetics, Zeitgeist and messages art generates. The Artheists only concentrate on the making of art and really nothing else to keep their independence. Therefore we collaborate with institutions like The Artpole to become publicly known.



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Exhibitions / Events
  • 2015 TheRED[2], Vebikus Kunsthalle Schaffhausen (Group exhibition)
  • 2015 TheRED [1], MAG3 (Group exhibition)

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