December 22, 2007

Stroom Den Haag

Marcel van Eeden, Untitled, 1993,
oil on canvas.

until January 27, 2008

Stroom Den Haag
Hogewal 1-9
2514 HA The Hague
The Netherlands
Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday 12-5 pm
T +31-70 3658985

Stroom Den Haag sets out on a quest for the cultural soul of a city and presents the true atmosphere and character of The Hague through the eyes of both its well-known and its unsung artistic heroes. Some of the highlights of the exhibition include a number of never before shown large paintings by Marcel van Eeden, internationally known for his oeuvre of drawings. Philip Akkerman, on the other hand, who is acclaimed for his impressive oeuvre of painted self-portraits, presents a collection of black and white pencil drawings he made of special places in The Hague at the start of his career in the
early 1980s.

The art scene of The Hague is often described as a conglomerate of separate entities. Nevertheless this particular artistic constellation has given birth to various important artists. Some of them are deservedly well-known, some of them most certainly deserve wider recognition. Together they form an Empire of Islands. Other artists in the exhibition include a.o. Livinus van de Bundt, Marius Quee, Willem Hussem and Pieter Ouborg. Special attention is paid to the underground movement in The Hague in the period 1965-1975.
Curated by Gerrit Jan de Rook.

The exhibition was made possible in part by the Mondriaan Foundation.

'After Neurath: The Global Polis', February 9 thru April 6, 2008

There has been a renewed interest in the work of the Austrian utopian philosopher Otto Neurath (1882-1945), in fields as various as fine art, design, philosophy, cultural theory and urban studies. With this new installment in its ongoing 'After Neurath' project, Stroom Den Haag poses the question what Neurath meant for the concept of the 'global polis' -- its meaning, its presuppositions, and its history.
Curated by Nader Vossoughian.

The exhibition program of Stroom Den Haag is made possible in part by the
Mondrian Foundation.

Stroom Den Haag focuses on the urban environment from the viewpoint of visual arts, architecture, urban development and design.

53 Ludlow street
New York, NY 10002, USA

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