Where does the information in the database come from?

The entries are generated from information that is stored and preserved in the basis-wien archive in either digital or analogue form. These come from various sources: most information reaches us in the form of exhibition invitations programmes and other secondary material of the art world. In addition, we have been conducting for years a continuous media monitoring of the Austrian daily press, the results of which are stored mainly in digital form and are directly accessible at the online database.

What are the criteria for inclusion in the database?

From the beginning, a basic principle of basis wien was to enable a free and democratic access to all artists in and outside Austria. For the acceptance of data from artists, artworks or exhibitions, therefore, we do not apply any evaluative standards such as a high market value, academic education or successful exhibitions. As a rule, in data recording we give preferential treatment to requests that correspond to our focus on the visual arts in and outside Austria. For our database we accept in principle all information that has already been published or been released for publication by an artist.

How do I get into the database?

If there is no entry on you, on an exhibition or a cultural institution you have searched for, you can send us the relevant information at any time, by E-Mail or post. You will find information on what data and objects we can actually incorporate in our archive and database in our guidelines.

Why is my entry incomplete / not updated?

Entries in the basis wien database come from various sources: most information reaches us in the form of exhibition invitations programmes and other secondary material of the art world. We archive these and incorporate them in the database. In view of the large amount of data, we can carry out additional research to supplement existing entries only to a limited extent. We therefore invite you to help with the updating and completing of your data set by sending us information. Please consult the guidelines for the information you need to do this.

How long does it take for information to be incorporated?

Our archive service is free and is used regularly by very many people. For financial reasons, we do not have the staffing capacity to incorporate all entries within the shortest possible time. We try to process requests and corrections that can be done quickly as soon as possible and to incorporate entries concerning large (group) exhibitions, etc., which often require extensive research, little by little. We thereby rely on your cooperation: the more accurate the information, the faster the updating can be done!

I’ve noticed erroneous or undesired information in my entry. What can I do?

We carefully research and check all data. Nevertheless, errors can occur. The button “Report Error” on every results page provides you with the opportunity to make us aware of discrepancies in a simple and uncomplicated way. In addition, you are welcome to get in touch with us about errors by E-Mail or telephone.

Why can’t I create or update entries myself?

The basis wien database is a relational database: each entry is inter-related to others. This requires editorial supervision that takes archival standards into account. While such supervision excludes the direct creation of entries in the database, it enables an optimal interconnection of data. Every name, every institution and every exhibition is entered only once and linked to relevant data sets. The entry is carefully researched, checked and entered in accordance with international standards. Links are then made in the database. New entries automatically change all linked data sets. Thus the entry of a group exhibition with 50 participants updates at the same time 50 artist biographies. This work routine ensures the high efficiency of data entering and minimizes the risk of erroneous and so difficult-to-research entries.

How is my indexing done?

The indexing of our entries is generated from a controlled vocabulary that is used only in connection with exhibitions / events. Persons cannot be directly indexed.

Why are none of my works / no images of my works included in my entry?

It is always possible to include images of your work in your data set. Artists can send us up to ten images of their work. Please send us images of individual works or installation views, etc., in the form of a paper print, video (VHS or DVD) or a digital image (in one of the following formats: jpg, tiff, RGB, 72 dpi, max. 640 x 480 px). Please don’t forget to provide a separate document including all important information on individual works. These are title, year, size, technical and material specifics, and photo credits. The images can be updated at any time.

Does basis wien own works of art?

With few exceptions, basis wien does not own any original works by artists. Basis wien is a documentation centre and archive of contemporary art, its production and reception. A specialised library and archive, comprising invitations, programmes, portfolios, text collections, posters and audio and video documentary material, is available on the premises of basis wien to those interested. The entries under the category “Works” in our online database contain images of and information on art works that have been incorporated into the database at the request of the respective artist.

I don’t understand the name of the country?

The countries and places given in the basis wien database are listed with the names they have in their respective national languages. In the compilation and archiving of data and materials, basis wien follows international scholarly standards. For the designation of countries and places, we follow the designations of the Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN), a database of countries that is recognised by international archives and used by the Getty Research Center.

Why can’t I find some exhibitions under the category “Exhibitions” by search (& browse)?

For technical reasons, our database cannot link exhibitions with other exhibitions. So as nevertheless to show the connections between exhibitions and the sub-exhibitions of larger exhibitions (for example, the Venice Biennale), these are listed as institutions. If you get a negative search result, we therefore recommend a search under the category “Institution”. Of course, it may be the case that the exhibition sought is not listed in our database. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to document all events. If you wish to file an exhibition in our database, please send us all the relevant data and we will do our best to create a corresponding data set as soon as possible. Please refer to our guidelines for an explanation of the information we require for an entry.

How can I get in touch with people who are listed in your database?

All data that a person has released for publication, including e-mail address and telephone number, may be found on the respective personal page in our database. For reasons of data protection, we cannot pass on contact information that has not been released for publication.

How can I support the work of basis wien?

Please help support our work by making a donation and thus ensuring the continuation and maintenance of our archive. Even small donations help! basis wien – Forschungs- und Dokumentationszentrum Kontonummer: 29513103900 BLZ: 20111 IBAN: AT142011129513103900; BIC: GIBAATWWXXX