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Žarko Aleksic. Cognitive Work of Images

Einladung: Žarko Aleksic. Cognitive Work of Images. 2019

04.04.2019 - 20.04.2019

Aa Collections, 1150, Wien / Österreich

The exhibition deals with several aspects of the Image, from its physicality to the pictorial mental representation. The use of consciousness as an artistic medium, and attention as a main currency within the frame of immediate content, creates temporality hence sequentiality and narration in the stream of thoughts.

In the project I am using scientific knowledge and methodologies along with technological possibilities of the eye tracking devices in order to establish what would be called "the mental collage in time...." Taking the difference between descriptive and performative utterances as a starting point, I am proposing a performative image which goes beyond description, regulating the manifest content.

The investigation is based on the synthesis of different techniques of modernism: collage, montage, syncopation and random chance operation, while using personal beliefs and expectations of a conscious observer as the locus for construction of the new emerging pieces.

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