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Einladung: EBULLICIÓN. 2019

07.06.2019 - 06.07.2019

Kunstraum am Schauplatz, Wien / Österreich

presents the work of twentysix artists based in or associated with Mexico City for the first time in Vi¬enna.
The show brings a selection of active agents in the field, from artists to music
collectives, to map out the extent of this diverse network. Creating their own structures outside of insititutionalised formats, artists and creatives have found that mutual recognition and generational support are the most effective ways of achieving visibility and agency. In a place with a polarized and unstable socioeconomical base, and during times of attention as currency, true cooperation appears as the only way that the independent parts can benefit from the force of the whole....
Organized by Maximiliano León, Andrew Birk and Lukas Willmann.

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