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Stefan Glettler, Petra Schweifer. along the street

Ausstellungsansicht: Stefan Glettler, Petra Schweifer. along the street. 2012 [2]

18.10.2012 - 2012

atelier 35, Bucuresti / România
Bucharest AiR, Bucuresti / România

Along the Street sums up observations gathered by Stefan Glettler and Petra Schweifer during their two month residency in the Bucharest Artists in Residence programme. Their work is based on separate methods and yields separate results, as they develop reactions towards a shared pilgrimage across Romania, as well as to the surroundings of their residence here in Bucharest.
In his work, Stefan Glettler often uses found material which he alters and challenges, thus generating a rich paraphernalia of new meanings.... While in Bucharest, Stefan Glettler proceeded in collecting dregs found along the railway in Colentina quarter and in other parts of Bucharest, raw material from which he devised a set of installations – a telltale of sharp and ironic associations that arise from the layering and transformation he sets out for his materials. Attached to his installations, Stefan Gletter also exhibits a series of paintings inspired by various iconic signs extracted from the matrix of the city.
Petra Schweifer tackles her encounters with the city by focusing on a specific street at the periphery of Bucharest. The events she witnesses on her daily walks along the same street seem to form an inconsequential construction, constantly susceptible to slight changes that occur either within the architecture of the street or in the range of various activities played out by the inhabitants as the days go by. From immured windows to mountains of gravel that disappear over night, Petra Schweifer contemplates the street’s anachronisms and makes use of the unevenness of logic present within this micro community to present us with a series of testimonial paintings.

Alice Gancevici

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