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Expanding the void II

23.08.2019 - 2019

Dessous, Wien / Österreich

Expanding the void II displays works in the field of digital art,
computer games and between.
Lieber Michael
Dessous 2 The Game
VR Video Game Installation

In round 2 “Dessous The Game” is dealing with the architecture of the whole Dessous building.
The player can walk into all rooms and climb up the stairs, to reach the upper floors, after rebuilding them from the ground up.

Hidéo SNES
Are you alone?

Computer game, interactive installation, digital sculpture
C#, XML, CAGD, 2019

With contributions by
Je.... Jesch•elet,
Lieber Michael,
Neda Nikolic,
Gert Resinger,
Vera Sebert and
Anne-Sophie Wass

In the second installment of the series “When I’m binary, I’m talking to computers.” Hideo SNES explores, in a nostalgic excursion, so called “dungeon crawlers”.
As such “Are you alone?” is part of Hidéo SNES’ ongoing project, exploring possible agencies of otherness throughout real reality and it’s digital and virtual instances. It extends the current research by an examination of the formation and regulation of ‘identity’ through play in video-games.



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