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Exercises In Impossibility

Einladung: Exercises In Impossibility. 2019

31.10.2019 - 29.11.2019

Vereinigung Bildender KünstlerInnen Österreichs, VBKÖ, Wien / Österreich


In the future, gender inequality was erased. Nova is a multitude of newly born, radically inclusive and self-managed communities. Heterogeneous in their forms of commoning and social organization, Nova share a vow to never let oppression in any form rise again.

Nova. Future thoughts on surviving together is a feminist futurist LARP - Live Action Role Play game written and run by Ana de Almeida and Alicja Rogalska; directed towards feminist and queer-feminist activists based in Vienna....
We invited a limited number of players to undergo a day of speculative gaming aimed at sharing survival strategies, exercising solidarity and intersectionality, creating solidarity networks and forming new alliances between different emancipatory movements.

Together, we created a piece of feminist political fiction - a work in progress and a world free of patriarchal oppression in the making.

Nova. Future thoughts on surviving together is followed by an exhibition, opening on October 30th at the Vereinigung Bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs.

A project by Ana de Almeida and Alicja Rogalska.

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