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14.02.2020 - 24.04.2020

Austrian Cultural Forum London, London / United Kingdom

HYPERSURFACE is a group exhibition exploring the porosity of surfaces - from the human skin to walls and screens - in order to present possibilities beyond materiality and signification, and alternative understandings of our surroundings.

Employing a transversal approach, the selected artists present works that showcase their perception of the world and blur antinomies such as micro/macro, inside/outside, real/virtual and beyond. Surfaces themselves become, rather than a separator or protective layer, a channel and a connector between worlds.... The show presents a combination of different mediums playing with softness, transparency, site specific interventions and virtual realities where technology functions as a gate to access extended notions of space and shape reality.

The participating artists are both from the UK and Austria, but also from Denmark, Germany and Sweden. For the majority of the Austrian artists it will be the first time showing in UK.

The participating artists are: AVD (UK), Daniel Ferstl (AT), Julius Heinemann (DE), Barbara Kapusta (AT), Sophia Mairer (AT), Simon Mathers (UK), Florian Mayr (AT), Marie Munk & Stine Deja (DK), Hannah Neckel (AT), Stefan Reiterer (AT) and Rustan Söderling (SE).

The show is curated by Caterina Avataneo (IT) and Nicole Tatschl (AT).

A series of events and activities will take place alongside the exhibition. The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication designed by work-form.



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