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17.10.2020 - 06.02.2021

International Foundation Manifesta, Amsterdam / Nederland
Le 109, Nice / France (venue)

The City of Nice and La Station will be hosting the fall exhibition of 109, labeled by Manifesta 13 Marseille, as part of Les Parallèles du Sud.
Four artists, initially chosen by a leading team composed of Bertrand Baraudou (founder of the Galerie Espace A VENDRE), Eric Mangion (director of the Villa Arson Art Centre and art critic), Christine Parasote (production/editing manager), Cédric Teisseire (artist and founder of La Station), chose four other artists, who have chosen four more to bring together a total of twelve artists....
Through a regional, then national and international capillarity mechanism, the aim is to create a unique scenography, commissioned by the architect Marc Barani, in which the artists will be able to create a huge domino game in the great hall of 109.
Conceived a few months before the pandemic, this exhibition based on a chain reaction system that forces the series of works to physically rub against each other, takes now a whole different meaning. L’Effet Domino is an appeal to collective intelligence and proximity constraints.

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