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Return on Art: OFFLINE

20.10.2022 - 23.10.2022

Künstlerhaus, Wien / Österreich (venue)
Return of Art, Wien / Österreich (co(-)operation partner)

With the exhibition Return on Art: OFFLINE, the online platform presents its artists and their works in a physical space for the first time. The curated group show brings together 18 international emerging, mid-career and established artists. The artists come from a variety of places and backgrounds, showing various interests and vastly different artistic methodologies. Yet, their works are able to interplay in both online and offline contexts due to the common denominator in the form of the aesthetics of the online culture within which they are consciously located....

The Return on Art: OFFLINE exhibition aims to expose the relationship between the eye and the mind. The gallery setting opens up new possibilities of exploration for art viewers. Walking through the exhibition hall and being drawn to the spatial choreography of the show, encourages awareness of perception as an active and ongoing experience native to three-dimensional space. The gallery show engages the visitors through the pieces’ size, position and lightning. In the context of the room, the physical spaces between the artworks, the temporal and contextual intervals between them, allow the artworks to function both as autonomous elements and as a collective of curated art objects.

The parallel online presence creates a unique position to enhance the presentation of art to the global audience of art collectors and admirers. In an increasingly digital world, art is no longer limited to experience in a physical space. Art not only successfully takes over both online and offline space but also, and what is significant, links them together. The online and offline art experiences intertwine and complete each other allowing us to witness and interact art in various ways and places.



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