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Gelatin: die totale osmose - Rückseite und Fotowand

09.06.2001 - 04.11.2001

XLIX. Esposizione Internationale d'Arte, La Biennale di Venezia, Venezia / Italia

Gelatin produce life models, which correspond to a place, relate to it and make no claim to perpetuity. In their often performative, subversive approaches, the access to body awareness as an architectural element plays an essential role. Bodies create places, create contact, create communication, self-confidence - body is space. Their works communicate the possibility of a reflection on the immediate and necessary experiencing of artistic processes. The interactive process figures significantly here.... (press release, website biennale di venezia, june 2001)

Granular=Synthesis are pioneers of the audiovisual media, and have been dedicated to the amalgamation of picture and sound and transferring them to a coherent medium for some ten years now. They create hardware configurations that enable them to play with video as an intuitive "music-instrument". With their almost symphonic performances and installations, Granular=Synthesis build electronic emotional and world- machines that surround the audience, overwhelm the senses, attack, touch.
(press release, website biennale di venezia, june 2001)

Gerhard Spring und Julius Deutschbauer eröffnen als Bundeskanzler Wolfgang Schüssel und Kulturstaatssekretär Franz Morak den österreichischen Pavillon im polnischen Pavillon in den Giardini in Venedig.


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