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Liverpool Biennial: International 2002

International 2002

14.09.2002 - 24.11.2002

Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, Liverpool / United Kingdom
Tate Liverpool, Liverpool / United Kingdom

Tate Liverpool is a major venue for the Liverpool Biennial's International
2002 - one of five elements of the Biennial programme - along with the Bluecoat Arts Centre, Pleasant Street School and public spaces around the city.
International 2002 will feature twenty-eight artists, both established and new, many presenting work specially commissioned for the exhibition. These artists have been invited into a dialogue with Liverpool - using the city as a specific cultural context for the exhibition.... Artists featured include Olaf Breuning, Elizabeth and Iftikan Dadi, Clare Langan, Mark Lewis, Jorge Pardo and Jason Rhoades. (press information Tate Liverpool)


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