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A l'Ouest du Sud de l'Est

17.04.2004 - 13.06.2004

Villa Arson, Centre National d'Art Contemporain, Nice / France

Chinese contemporary art is complex and varied, and probably one of the most energetic of current art scenes. Several generations of artists, from different regions, influenced by diverse cultural, historical, geographical, social and economic traditions, but to some extent stemming from a common past, are part and parcel of this new reality. Amid the upheavals of a country in the thick of change, today’s artists are extremely productive, in every field, not least in reaction to situational changes.... The quest for new kinds of individual freedom, and a refusal to be perceived as representatives of a national culture, together represent a stance and a strategy shared by those involved in the contemporary Chinese scene. [...]
Quelle: Dossier de Presse Villa Arson


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