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Salir a la calle y disparar al azar/ Going out in the street and shooting at random

22.12.2005 - 22.12.2005

Calle Calabria, Barcelona / España

Veranstaltung: Thursday, 22nd Decembrer 2005, from 20 to 22 h.

Tristan Tzara: " El hombre Aproximativo"
Marcel Duchamp: A Typo/Topography of the Large Glass
Velvet Underground: "All Yesterday's Parties"
Jamie Reid and Sex Pistols: Album "No One Is Innocent "/ graphische Gestaltung: Jamie Reid
Dead Kennedys: Album "Plastic Surgery Disasters"
McNeil Legs: "Please Kill Me- die unzensierte Geschichte des Punk" (Buch)
Sonic Youth, Mike Kelley: Album "Dirty"/graphische Gestaltung: Mike Kell...ey
Liberatore/Tamburini: Comicserie "RanXerox"
Ignasi Aballí: bags of dust
Antonio Ortega and Rufina (Rufina was a hen who lived with Antonio Ortega )
Martínez Rubén: "Chistes"
El Perro: "Lo importante es participar/ It's taking part that matters" - Ausstellung
Guy Richards Smit: Film "Nausea 2"
Martí Anson: Martí Anson is planning to steal Serge Lemoyne's picture Dryden (1975) from the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal in May next year


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