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American Art from the Goetz Collection, Munich. Art from the 1980s and 1990s

24.05.2001 - 02.09.2001

Galerie Rudolfinum, Praha / Ceská Republika
Sammlung Goetz, München / Deutschland

A great exhibition of American art from the collection of one of the most prominent German collectors of contemporary art. The exhibition will present the works of fourteen American artists. For example Doug Aitken, Jenny Holzer, Carroll Dunham, Cady Noland, Richard Prince and Paul Pfeiffer. It should have two main aims. The first is to acquaint our public on a larger scale with the creative output of the contemporary American scene. The second, equally important aspect is to demonstrate to the public the role of the private collector in civic society, and at the same time to try to define and newly formulate the role of government institutions as media facilitating access to society´s cultural values....

(Pressetext: Galerie Rudolfinum)


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