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journey against the current. küba

journey against the current. küba. 2006

01.05.2006 - 09.09.2006

Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Wien / Österreich

Istanbul, Constanta, Rousse, Novi Sad, Vukovar, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna

Küba: journey against the current is both a local and an international project that aims to provide a response to the complex challenges presented by the new socio-political developments in Europe on an artistic level.
The central work, Küba by Kutlug Ataman, will act as catalyst for 7 new works commissioned by T-B A21 from artists at each successive venue. These individual projects, initially presented independently of each other in their respective locations along the Danube, will at the journey’s end in Vienna be brought together and shown in a group exhibition in the former Jewish theatre at Nestroyhof....
Working in close collaboration with local institutions each step of the way, T-B A21 intends to develop a multi-disciplinary platform offering lectures, discussions, performances and other artistic and scholarly presentations. Artist, curators, academics, and audiences will thus be linked across national boundaries.
(Presseinformation: T-B A21)


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