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Closely Observed Plans

30.06.2006 - 31.08.2006

Tranzit dielne, Bratislava / Slovenská Republika

The exhibition presents four works, for which the searching for and interpretation
of the identity of real spaces, its plans and contexts is the common base.
The artists enter into the fields that are defined elsewhere and by different
practices. They shape the validity of objective data and information into the new
arrangements by using such structures as film, topographical investigation,
archival research or statistic documentation. The different point of view, which is
thereby articulated as part of the artistic practice, is based on intentionally or
intuitively exploited non-artistic methods.... This ambiguity mobilizes the critical
potential. Participating artists do not expand individual positions, on the contrary,
they refer to certain collective sharing. A sort of participation as the way of using
the public space is the interconnecting moment.


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