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CODED CULTURES - Exploring Creative Emergences. Exhibition

Programm: CODED CULTURES - Exploring Creative Emergences. 2009

28.05.2009 - 07.06.2009

CODED CULTURES, Wien / Österreich
freiraum Q21, Wien / Österreich

The second edition of CODED CULTURES is a binational festival (Austria – Japan) in the year 2009 to explore new artistic practices and creative ability profiles within media integrated project-cultures and digital media related arts, focusing on Japan and Europe. The festival is part of the official »Austria – Japan Year 2009«.

The exhibition of “CODED CULTURES - Exploring Creative Emergences” is presenting international artworks and projects related to the four sub-topics of the festival: Designing Complexity, Assembling Things, Expanding Locality and Creating Proto-Culture....

The presented positions from Japan, Austria and Europe are distinguished by creative practices which explore new forms of media integrated delineation- and knowledge-cultures. By this means they are situated on the intersection of disciplines and have actively integrated different cultural fields in their artistic development.


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