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Benjamin Hirte. “vom Zweifel und der Prahlerei” / “on doubt and bragging”

Einladung: Artist Lecture Series präsentiert Benjamin Hirte. "vom Zweifel [...]".2010

16.12.2010 - 16.12.2010

Artist Lecture Series Vienna, Wien / Österreich
Ventilazione, Wien / Österreich

Born 1980 Aschaffenburg , Germany, Benjamin Hirte presently lives and works in Vienna. This year, Hirte’s works have been exhibited in the Kunstverein COCO, Vienna, in Frappant, Hamburg, in the Grazer Kunstverein and the Schloß Hollenburg, Krems. Previously, Hirte’s solo exhibition, “head back level, eyes front – pause” was held in the Galerie Schnittraum, Cologne (2009). Other exhibitions include MOP-Gallery, Sidney, Australia, the Kunstraum Ve.sch, Vienna, at bellstreet project space, Vienna, and at Accapulco, Düsseldorf.... He is a member of the Mittwochsbar, Vienna. Hirte will finish his studies at the class of Professor Heimo Zobernig, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in January 2011.

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