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09.12.2010 - 29.01.2011

Studio Stefania Miscetti, Roma / Italia

Studio Stefania Miscetti wishes you a BUON DOMANI \ A BETTER TOMORROW by celebrating its twentieth anniversary through a major group
exhibition, bringing together the desires, wishes and projects of the artists who were involved in the gallery’s path and others, some young and some
not, to who we look to for the future.
Art goes beyond the limits within which time would like to constrict her, and indicates the contents of the future. (Wassily Kandinsky)
Studio Stefania Miscetti through the years has been inviting artists to exhibit active and purposeful projects, defending the deep conviction that the role
of art is to indicate and suggest ways that favour an analysis and understanding of the worlds we live in....
Today more than ever, we believe that we have to adjust to desires and perspectives that give us a license for the future. A future constantly
mentioned and spoken about, but its concrete idea often left to fade away, with us waiting and waiting for more favourable conditions. It is important
and necessary that this process returns to be rooted in the present, being directed to address and seek to improve the' here and now ', projecting it into
the future.
Moving away from any rhetoric, A BETTER TOMORROW means continuing to have a positive vision that calls for a possible and near future.
The exhibition is a metaphor for a better tomorrow; it is the wish to share at the end of this year.
The works are offered as individual messages in the form of cards, collages, photographs and other creations, all of small size. Light fragments, small
auguring and auspicious spirits, which moving from the top of the space trace relations, a dialogue between distant generations united together in the
need to surprise, to extend and broaden the world's issues so not to give up our vital transformation.
Dialogue has been our aspiration for twenty years, convinced as we are not to resign ourselves to the actual pervasive vacuum of visions and plans.



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