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Einladung: STRATA. 2012

19.09.2012 - 10.11.2012

Sammlung Lenikus, Wien / Österreich

Strata is a latin term signifying a series of layers within a structure. A painting can present different strata in its composition, the materials used, or its techniques. A film is both a sequence and a strata of objects, situations and sounds. A sculpture, like a drawing, can carry allegories with many strata of meaning. And a collection of these objects, by its very nature, is a strata composed of interpretative and communicative behaviour.

Considered and irrational decisions, expectations, regrets and reconsiderations.... The process of collecting can invigorate and cause suffering at the same time. It forms a portrait of the collector, composed of manifold strata, in which one can perceive a passage of time, its shifting states of mind and associations.

Recent acquisitions of the Lenikus Collection are assembled here, in a display that refers to the tautology which the terms collection and stratification suggest. Through the work of seventeen artists with dissimilar interests, experience and methods of research, Strata casts light on the processes of creation, association, layering, addition and subtraction.



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