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siga siga. 2012 [Cover]

26.04.2012 - 30.05.2012

Contemporary Art Meeting Place, CAMP, Athínai / Ellás (venue)
Künstlerhaus, Wien / Österreich (co(-)operation partner)

Austrian Artists in Athens
Slowly slowly, langsam-langsam, take your time. 14 contemporary artists from Austria Kuenstlerhaus, some of which are members of the Arts House of Vienna which recently celebrated its 150 years of existence meet in CAMP! ?Contemporary Art Meeting Point in Athens. “slowly”, a word that sounds provocative in times of stagnation. Nowadays, as speed plays a primary role and time becomes relevant disobedience to speed seems like a challenge. The participant artists are asked to comment on time and speed in reference to art dynamics and to Kuenstlerhaus which is more than a century and a half old.... Photography, painting, video, media-art, animation, objects and installations are the media used to express the artists’ views on the subject. Sometimes they do so in a satyrical manner, other times more seriously or playfully, but they always pose questions and seek for answers.



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