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PARALLEL Vienna 2013

09.09.2013 - 13.09.2013

Ehemaliges K. K. Telegrafenamt, Wien / Österreich (venue)
PARALLEL Vienna, Wien / Österreich

"PARALLEL VIENNA 2013 is a platform for innovative forms of presentation of contemporary art. Project spaces, artist-run spaces, artists and art collectives as well as new and established galleries present a dazzling plurality of art practices beyond any limits of age, medium or fame.

PARALLEL VIENNA 2013 is open October 9-13, coinciding with Viennafair, in the "ehemalige K. u. K. Telegrafenamt at Börseplatz 1 in Vienna. Only 4 sub\-way stops away from the fair\-grounds. The building offers thousands of square meters of un\-con\-ven\-tional exhibition spaces in the impressive architecture of a viennese city palais from the 19th century....

The initiators - a team of galerists, organizers and curators - intend to make a diverse selection of projects and perspectives accessible to a large audience and under a single roof. The kafkaesque building sets an exceptional stage for a large variety of contemporary art practices, where innovative and established art can be discovered and recontextualised.

The organisers see the participants as the essential foundation of the internationally renowned Vienna art scene. These galleries and spaces are responsible for helping to develop and establish local and international artists and art movements in this city. An innovative curatorial model allows to integrate commercial and experimental initatives without introducing any kind of hierarchy.

This allows the audience to witness the coexistence of different approaches, making PARALLEL VIENNA 2013 relevant to everyone curious about art and culture. At the same time it presents an opportunity to establish and intensify the network of exchange among the participants.

PARALLEL VIENNA 2013 avoids any tendency to replace unique approaches and individual models of its participants with existing structural patterns. The participating artists, spaces and galleries are given the maximum possible freedom in their exhibition design, within the evident limits of mutual interests and respect.

An exciting program of events and performances is set to take place throughout the entire weekend.



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