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Mostly West, Franz West and Artist Collaborations

13.07.2013 - 22.09.2013

Inverleith House, Edinburgh / United Kingdom

Mostly West encapsulates Franz West's belief in the juxtaposition of various viewpoints: '…like the known fact that a radio is made of screws, glass and wires but that it can be used to listen to speeches or music. But of course I don't mean to refer to the exhibiting artists as a conglomeration of glass, screws and springs, but rather like the English empiricists, and later Marx, who understood a collective co-operation like a machine. And that it results in something other than what one would see in a solo exhibition' (West, 2008)....

Franz West collaborated throughout his career and saw art as participatory. His hugely influential Adaptives, early sculptural works begun in 1974, were made to be held and adapted to the human body. Later works also invited participation and interaction, including furniture and his brightly-coloured aluminium sculptures which were the subject of Meeting Points, an outdoor exhibition held at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in 2002. Throughout his life, West combined works from different periods to produce new readings, often integrating works by other artists with his own.



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