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PRINCIPIUM PRIVATUM – Projizierte Sexualitäten

Einladung: PRINCIPIUM PRIVATUM – Projizierte Sexualitäten. 2013

20.11.2013 - 24.11.2013

mo.ë , Wien / Österreich

The exhibition features subjectively sensual/erotic works by artists who perceive the act of opening as crossing a threshold. Unlike pornography, which aims to arouse sexual fantasies in the society, this exhibition presents the artists’ individual imaginings. Openness, a fleeting moment that can’t always be lived, for the protection of one’s personality? Individual fulfillment as an eternal pursuit, commitment to one’s own identity, disclosure of the self, and sharing the self?

Austrian and international artists participate in the exhibition curated by Christian Bazant-Hegemark and Simon Veres.... The side events include performances, readings and concerts.



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