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19.11.2013 - 18.01.2014

Lust Gallery, Wien / Österreich

Do we travel backwards through time with our back toward the future? This is why the romans believed we are only able to see the past. For example, how many retrospectives have you seen, can you think of a single futurespective? Both mortals and gods alike are stuck viewing the past. However one of the few exceptions is Janus a god with two faces pointed in opposite directions, one towards the past and the other toward the future. How would a gallery look through Janus’s four eyes? Simultaneously, seeing both the past and future program.... Could a curator pass this Vision to us mortals? Simply by selecting works form past and upcoming shows. Or by showing emerging artists in contrast with artists who already made their mark in history. Like early depictions of the Janus having a youth and old face on opposite sides. Perhaps it’s impossible to see an overlapping timeline in reality, however it is an attempt to imitate.



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