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Markus Hanakam & Roswitha Schuller. Enchantment

Einladung: Markus Hanakam & Roswitha Schuller. Enchantment. 2013

07.09.2013 - 21.09.2013

Lust Gallery, Wien / Österreich

Seek out wizards to learn arcane lore with the help of the sphere, add their own discoveries, and pass it on to others. Spread the knowledge of arcane magic. Guide arcane spellcasters to the proper and beneficial use of the Art.

It was presented to the dwarves in the days following the Thunder Blessing as an instructional tool, meant to usher a new generation of dwarves into acceptance of the Art. A conduit and amplifier of arcane magic, the sphere allows its owner the ability to read any spell, regardless of its language and provenance.... It is also believed to act as a stabilizing force in occurrences of wild magic, and some say it can heal the spellscarred, although that possibility is supported only by rumors and speculation. It encourages its owner in the use of the Art by allowing him or her to learn spells freely. Like a thread in the once-pervasive Weave, the sphere further spreads magical study through a symbiotic exchange, in which knowledge retained by the sphere and that known by the owner pass freely between the two entities. The artifact acts as a teacher to a student and is reproachful to any owner who attempts to hoard knowledge or keep the artifact for too long.
Source Dungeons & Dragons: Spider and Stone (by Jaleigh Johnson) / Quoted Artifact: Arcane Script Sphere

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