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The Abortion of Tragedy

28.06.2013 - 14.07.2013

Lust Gallery, Wien / Österreich
Showroom 170, New York / United States (venue)

So where does Apollonian and Dionysian play a role in today’s art world? The “Birth of Tragedy” refers mainly to classical music, opera and Greek tragedy. If he had considered opera a plastic art then one could only imagine what he would think about Michael Jackson or Kanye West. If he were still alive today, what would be his opinion about contemporary art? Would he think this duality between the Apollonian and Dionysian still be relevant? Could have the terms Apollonian and Dionysian simply have reincarnated into expressionism and formalism? Would it be possible to resurrect the Apollonian and Dionysian? To make a satire like woody Allen’s “Love and Death” or even worse “Meet the Spartans”, one normally strips the original down to its bare minimum and use it’s skeleton as a template....

This exhibition will mimic that nature of these two energies by juxtaposing the Apollonian and Dionysian in two separate rooms. Dionysian art reflecting our true carnal nature and the Apollonian art creating an artificial beauty. But what is the relation between the two energies? They are not pure opposites in reality. For example, Apollo’s influence on the Dionysian barbarian created the Dionysian Greek. In fact the Apollonian and Dionysian are not purities but a synthesis of the two is possible. So how do you categorize a hybrid? There will be the pure Dionysian works with brush stroke capturing our emotions forcing us to accept our temporary existence. In contrast is the pure Apollonian creating an almost utopian illusion. What is behind this illusion, our terrible cruel nature? Would this in fact be a Dionysian masked as Apollo? So then could it should could the role be reversed, An Apollonian dressed up as a Dionysian; A formal work that has a destructive concept? As to follow the temple, like the in the mind of Nietzsche Apollonian and Dionysian the exhibition will commit a metaphorical suicide.



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