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Resonance. Or how one reality could be understood through another

Nikolaus Gansterer. The Eden Experiment. 2006

02.12.2006 - 28.01.2007

Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht / Nederland

How can one reality be understood through another? This question is aimed at the artistic approach of applying a subjective way of seeing to existing aspects of reality and, concomitantly, of developing a unique system that follows a set of rules differing from the norm. It identifies a process of translation that comprises moments of discontinuity, semantic shifts and omissions, all of which are inherent in the production and appropriation of images. It is an interpretation of found and, to an extent, recalled and projected images, which in turn generate new imaginings and provide a tool to approach, focus and unsettle the aesthetic, social and political realities we encounter everyday....



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