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Einladung: #3 NARRATOLOGY—LA FOLIA. 2015

29.05.2015 - 20.06.2015

wellwellwell, Wien / Österreich

7 pm
Das A ist das O ist das A ist das O
Das Spiel mit unendlichen Semiosen und so weiter
An artist talk with Heinrich Dunst, Peter Fritzenwallner and Stephanie Kaiser
Moderated by Sabine Folie

8 pm
Micro-performances by Peter Fritzenwallner

Proliferating words and consequently proliferating discourses or spare words to the point of reduction to a single letter—both extremes are at play in a folly narratology. Does La Folia —a reading and re-writing against the grain by twisting and turning language, thus meaning—prevent from all too certain assumptions that tend to fossilize into new “certainties”?

Heinrich Dunst presents the well-known grid, to be precise a found barrier.... Further an oversized pink letter from insulation material, a painted black picture-like rectangle on the wall, superimposed by a picture-sized rectangle of the same pre-fabricated material onto which more pictures are hung: prints of the image of precisely the same material—it is a multifaceted representational, tautological interplay of references pointing to the condition of the medium (found, prefabricated, re-produced)/the representation/the signified and signifying. At first sight nonsensical and primordial (the letter R as a sign and the potentiality of a word), the Rebus gives helpful hints in order to decipher its own literalness.

Peter Fritzenwallner’s burlesque sharp and wild (re)readings of canonized literature and philosophy decompose the posture of easy to consume and readily sellable recipes within the cultural biotope of the arts. His performative inventive “silly” outbursts question our relation to the world—namely the relation between subject and object and our ability to gain knowledge—via mimicking and mocking old and new philosophical concepts whether it be Pierre Klossowski, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Martin Heidegger or newer movements around say speculative realism and the likes as well as the art system in general. Fritzenwallner is animated by an anarchic spirit and by something that we might call a foolish ability to destabilize the self-evident of what is taken for granted by applying a sort of visual theory that argues with a playful and provisional imagery, with signs and immediate experience.

Stephanie Kaiser emphasizes the artistic operation by writing down this precise operation which in turn becomes exactly the work itself. This tautological procedure is a similar action of self-reflexive awareness of the “artist at work” like in the work of the artists mentioned above, but by different means. The sheer (seemingly unskilled) writing/painting with all its awkwardness of the process of the “making”, the actual work is inhabited by a renitent and highly poetical mood. She writes “Hier fehlt Text” (Here text is missing) in the Bar section in Blue and we find the same text with the missing parts in the next room. Her various wall texts meander through the spaces, around walls, between rooms and they catch us with their prosaic, anarchic, defiant and yet poetic gesture.

The younger artists refer to Heinrich Dunst as a quasi historical reference in appropriating and paraphrasing the branding pink color of many of Dunst’s works to the point of parody including his evocative performances around the investigation of the single in itself meaningless and chaste letter as the primary constituent of language and insofar signification.

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