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Rade Petrasevic. Stalker Please Don’t Talk to Me

Einladung: Rade Petrasevic. Stalker Please Don’t Talk to Me. 2015

03.10.2015 - 03.11.2015

The Breeder, Athínai / Ellás

"Stalker Please Don’t Talk to Me” is the result of Rade Petrasevic stay in Athens with The Breeder Residency Program curated by Stamatia Dimitrakopoulos. Presented at The Breeder Playroom, the exhibition focuses on Rade’s paintings and personal sketchbooks and journals.

The alarming title of the show, brings to mind the obsessive observation of a subject of desire. One can understand a lot from the living surroundings of a person, from the objects he chooses to live with. This is what intrigues Rade and is the subject matter of his paintings.... A sofa, a chair, a table, framed photographs and paintings, sculptures and ceramics reveal the imaginary environment of an art collector. The viewer inspects the scene when the protagonist is absent, tries to imagine who is behind the collection, thus these intimate interiors become Portraits.

These oil on canvas paintings retain the immediacy of Rade’s sketches. They are direct, bold and straightforward, with strong manically painted brush strokes that resemble marker on paper. The idiosyncratic color palette only intensifies the result, with the colors acting as figurative identifiers, borrowing the impressionist technique.

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