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07.11.2013 - 10.11.2013

Istanbul Congress Center, ICC, Istanbul / Türkiye (venue)

Im Rahmen von Contemporary Istanbul

The artworks in the exhibition DIYALOG: ART FROM VIENNA were selected by a pool of renowned curators made up of art specialists from different fields with the goal of forming a dynamic cross-border network. The curators each chose one important, prominent artist from the older generation and one emerging artist with great promise. These artists are presented in Istanbul with a representative and characteristic artwork – a key piece that embodies important contemporary aspects and makes a clear statement.... The concept of the show intentionally focuses on a very personal, concentrated selection of works from a wide artistic spectrum. This results in a cross section of Vienna's contemporary art that emphasizes powerful personalities independent of market mechanisms and trends, but also the curators and their independent selection. The special project includes important perspectives of Austrian painting and drawing, room and wall installations, objects and photographs, and invites visitors to actively participate. Art is presented as a matter of opinion that opens up space for the visitors to see, discover, and discuss. Themes such as the personal environment as an experiential space, the reception of art history, socio-politics and gender are present in the exhibited works. Forms of abstraction and concepts strongly influenced by intellect encounter intimate, poetic visual worlds in the exhibit. The show raises several questions: How does Viennese art position itself internationally? Is Viennese art different? What forms of expression concerning content, formality, or aestheticism does it follow? How does the Viennese artist process the consequences of his/her time? The OMV special project DIYALOG: ART FROM VIENNA attempts to find answers to these questions through an exemplary, but extremely individually defined presentation in the wide field of Viennese art.

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