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Juliette Blightman. When do you come

Einladung: Juliette Blightman. When do you come. 2015

06.12.2015 - 24.01.2016

Anette Freudenberger, Wien / Österreich

opening on Saturday, December 5th, 19 - 22
Saturdays 2 – 6 p.m. and by appointment
closed: 21.12.15 – 04.01.16

* Freudenberger labels a sequence of exhibitions, that take place at rather irreglular intervals mostly in my private space, but sometimes in institutions.
Juliette Blightman's work can be quite explicit. However it still eludes itself. Everybody needs a room of ones own, argued Virginia Woolf and Isa Genzken added Everybody needs at least one window. Space for reflection and retreat is a necessity, as a prospect and connection to the outside as well.... Juliette Blightman circles around that porous boundary between the inside and outside, that is thin like paper. Intimacy and extimacy. She depicts and films her surrounding networks and interests, but at the same time she reveals nearly nothing and if so, the puzzle of her artist personality enfolds with such a time delay, that it remains fragmentary and fluid. Her artworks too oscillate between the "real" thing and representative props.

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