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Rudolf Polanzky, Stefan Reiterer. Inflection Point

20.11.2015 - 26.11.2015

Grande Vista, Los Angeles / United States

In the exhibition ‘Inflection Point’ the artistic practice of two artists from two different generations meet in a challenging dialog. The works of both artists, Rudolf Polanszky (b. 1951) and Stefan Reiterer (b. 1988), have in common that they circle around specific ideas of multi-dimensionality.

In Polanszky’s case there is a very strong relation to time – he would describe his work as ‘translinear’ and ‘reconstructed’. His works reflect an intense dialog between philosophy and natural sciences.... His process-orientated paintings and sculptures remind in their materiality to arte povera, but should be differntially looked at. By reusing materials like cardboard, acrylic sheets, aluminum foils, etc. and setting it free from its former function, Polanszky is following his own progress, which started in the post-actionist Viennese artscene of the 70s, when he collaborated with artists like Dieter Roth and Franz West. In Stefan Reiterer’s work dimensions are ‘warping together’. Medial contemporaneity and the involvement in a very traditional history of art-production are key factors to his artistic approach. He uses computer-graphics and 3-D modelling as a starting point for his works on the borderline between painting and installation.
In the series ‘Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO’ Reiterer translates the digital landscapes he collects from the software ‘GoogleEarth’ into painstakingly painted canvases. The digital satellite pictures as a source material make the paintings shift between depicting reality and abstract pixelation. This decrease of resolution could be seen as a link to Reiterer’s other series called ‘Texture Mapping’. Here, large-scale fabric stripes are sketchily painted and stretched into exhibition spaces to create a site-specific intervention.

Rudolf Polanszky’s current solo shows include Denis Gardarin Gallery, New York and Fondazione Morra Grecco, Naples. His works are collected internationally by major institutions, public as well as private collections. Stefan Reiterer is currently working in the artist-in-residence program of Grande Vista, Los Angeles.



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