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25.09.2015 - 02.10.2015

Rua do sol 172, Porto / Portugal

„In his 1896 volume Matière et Mémoire (Matter and Memory), Henri Bergson comprehensively argues that, when considering it in terms of duration, the past does not simply cease to exist once the moment has come and gone. He understands duration to be essentially memory-like. Duration as memory is, above all, preservative, because the moments that become the past do not cease to be. On the contrary, the past survives today both as a trace in memory and through its essential determination, such that Bergson sees duration as endurance rather than transience.... Moreover, duration as memory also has a culminating nature, since the past we carry with us grows with every new passing moment.“

(Dieter Buchhart in „Rudolf Polanszky – Translineare Strukturen“, Kerber Verlag, 2015)



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