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sharing space

13.12.2015 - 31.01.2016

Alte Post, Wien / Österreich

Under the pressure of capitalism the Multitude founded a new economy. Carsharing, Kleiderkreisel, Air BnB and Willhaben even Netflix or Spotify are part of a way of consuming without possessing. The nice car, the cute dress, the design flat in Lisbon or the full discography of Bob Dylan are all accessible if shared by a big group. The new collective found a way to share resources (yes, privileged people sharing luxury goods - let’s fix the rest of the world later). The artists of this exhibition share working space.... Sharing makes it affordable. But apart from financial necessity there is a tradition of artists sharing working space. The Artists' Kitchen was formed in 1999 (by Fabio Zolly and Erwin Soravia) under very different circumstances and intentions than "New Jörg" or the "Gelitin-Atelierhaus“ in more recent years. The show and in particular the artist talk at the opening will bring up many connected aspects of working together, sharing a social life, creating space for one another, interacting with peers, providing one’s own resources, creating spaces to show one’s own work and more.

[Quelle: Einladung]


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